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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Personalised Gifts

Spongebob /Spiderman Backpack & Pencil Case Set
Thomas Train
Hello Kitty
Thomas Train
Donald Duck
Handphone Pouch
Drawstring Backpack (2 materials)
Drawstring Backpack (10.5" X 11.5")
Personalised Pouch (7" x 8.5")
Personalised Handphone Pouch with zip & lining
A4 size Folio bag with zip & front pocket
Tissue Holder
Tailored made Baby Hooded Blanket
Pencil Case
Personalised VAN HOUTEN mini bar - Napolitains
Tom & Jerry, Spongebob, Ben 10, Thomas & Power Rangers Chocolate Wrappers
Thomas, Dora, Princess & Spongebob
Personalised Chocolate Wrappers
Birthday Favors for classmates & teachers
Baby Bibs
Sling Bag
Shoulder Bag
Pouch that can be hooked to bag
Medium size & Small size Tote bags for your little princess
Personalised Cushion Cover for your loved ones
Little Tote Bag with trimming
Little Tote Bag (6" x 9") and 3" base with Velco closure
Personalised Purse (Front Slot can put Ezylink card)
Personalised Hand Towel (12.5" x 25.5")

Personalised Bath Towel (25" x 51")
Personalised Face Towel (12" x 12.5")
Personalised Face, Hand & Bath Towels
Gift pack for friends (with gift tag)
For the BOYS
For the GIRLS
Handphone Pouch Tissue Paper Holder
Personalised DORA Handkerchief in gift bag A4 size Folio Bag
Personalised Handkerchief with Names (5pcs - Assorted colours) with Gift Bag
Personalised Handkerchief with Name Only (Min. 5pcs - Assorted Colours) with Organza Gift Bag
Organza Gift Bags with different coloured ribbons as per request Can get the whole set personalised :->
Multi-purpose Pouch (For Cosmetic or Lunch Bag...)
Personalised Handkerchief for classmates
Personalised Baby Bib
Personalised Coaster
Your personalised Soft-Toy Gift pack for friends Goofy Winnie The Pooh Minnie Mouse Snow White
Personalised Pouch (Small Size - 5" x 7")
Personalised Pouch (Medium Size - 7" x 8.5") Tinkerbell Face Towel Daisy Handkerchief in gift bag Minnie Mouse Handkerchief Personalised Gift Bag Mickey Mouse
Personalised Multi-Purpose Pouch (2 Materials)
Personalised Face Towel


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think personal gifts can be such a great thing, it just adds that personal touch to the gifts you buy doesn't it?

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November 24, 2008 at 8:48 AM  
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Blogger S & I Creation said...

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Anonymous personalised gifts said...

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October 1, 2010 at 8:34 AM  
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